Spring has Sprung

25. March 2013 03:30

And we have a bumper crop of weeds to show for it. Much more diverse and robust than the weeds covering the hill last spring.

Winter was busy with holidays, birthdays, other seasonal events along with transitioning into retirement. Things have been happening, but not with any pattern that would make for a decent paragraph or two.

The garden area has been greatly expanded with permanent fencing on three sides. The first row of the orchard was planted and blackberries and raspberries were planted along the new fence. The dwarf citrus trees were moved from pots to the space between the fence and the driveway side. Additional raised beds have been built and are ready to be installed in the garden area.

The parakeet flock has been active as well. A pair of bourkes produced two clutches of four. Unfortunately they skipped a critical step and it was just eggs. On the other hand, Jade and Jasper, the red rump pair, finally settled down to raising a family. Unlike their behavior the past two years, this time Jade brooded the eggs and chicks and Jasper behaved properly - at least until the three chicks fledged. Jade started a new clutch as soon as the first batch started venturing out from the nest box. Expecting more chicks any day now.

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