Spring Planting

16. April 2014 17:34

The garden for 2014 got started a whole month earlier than it did last year.  According to the guide I found for my climate zone, it could have been done a month or so sooner.  Since we had such a warm winter, that actually might have made a difference in when some of the veggies will be ready for the table.  However, as soon as it was officially spring, the weather returned to more normal (cool, coastal foggy mornings) and I could just imagine the corn and green bean seeds shivering in the ground instead of sprouting.

Last year I tried planting similar things together thinking that would make care easier.  It probably made little difference in helping things and was not so good in other ways.  Having snow peas, snap peas and shell peas all planted next to each other meant that there was a tangled mess of peas and it was hard to tell which was what kind when it was time to start harvesting.  The tomatoes also turned into a tangle outgrowing their cages and the more vigorous ones strangling the others.  It also meant that any problems such as aphids or powdery mildew had lots of hosts nearby once it got started.

So this year I am trying to mix things up a bit in hopes that the results will be better.  However, the season has not gotten off to a great start.  The tomatoes should have been started inside a lot sooner. The tiny seedlings were snipped off by the birds requiring a second batch getting an even later start.  The birds also seem fond of the pea leaves and a few emerging green beans look like they have been nipped off. 

Next year I must start more inside and plant out only when they are much bigger.  Or perhaps have a winter garden that will result in plenty to share with the wildlife.  If we get a nice wet winter for a change, there will be lots of native greenery around and the garden veggies may not be as much of an attraction.

(See photos of the garden at http://gallery.vistagrande.com/album.aspx?aid=125.)

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