Pretty pinks

27. January 2018 00:03

The three pink tourmalines in the photo weigh in at 1.35, 1.85 and 0.81 cts. and range in size from 5.8 to 7.2 mm. The rough for these was acquired from Steve Ulatowski / New Era Gems and spent too many months waiting to be cut.

Two new Ametrines

20. January 2018 00:04

Pictured are two Ametrines just finished. The first is 4.7 cts and is 13.0 x 7.8 mm.

The second is 9.49 cts. and is 15.7 x 10.5 mm.

Both have concave facets cut into the pavilion side of the stone to make them more visually interesting than if they had been cut with flat facets. Rough material was obtained from Steve Ulatowski of New Era Gems.

Amethyst Hexagon

14. January 2018 00:06

Here is a freshly cut amethyst. Weight is 9.06 cts. and width is 12.7 mm. Concave facets were used on the pavilion side of the stone while the crown is all traditional flat facets.

Post holiday updates

6. January 2018 00:07

Faceting related activity got prempted by the holidays. Finally got to posting the last of 2017 gems on the website.

These stones included several prasiolites (a light green variety of quartz) and even more garnets. Of course, the birthstone for January being garnet, that does seem an appropriate way to start the year. And if you need a garnet, but don't like red stones (or even better, have many red garnets already), be away that garnets come in just about every color. There has even been a recent finding of BLUE garnets! Browse some of the other pages on the site to see some other shades of garnet.

Pictured here is a purplish pink garnet from the Mahenge region of Tanzania.

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