First off the using new machine

Here is the first stone cut using the new fantasy machine. It is a 12.1 mm., 7.11 carat rose quartz hexagon with concave facets on both pavilion and crown.

For faceting demonstrations at the local club shows, I typically want something that is big enough for visitors to see, but inexpensive enough that I won't be upset when working in less than ideal conditions (distractions!) results in mistakes. Lemon citrine and rose quartz seem to be what I end of choosing for these situations.

Since I had a number of pieces of rose quartz pre-formed from a chunk I acquired for just that purpose last year from Steve Ulatowski / New Era Gems, I am working with that for the "learning experiences" I know I am going to have getting used to new equipment and cutting options. It was a good choice -- on this piece I had several "oops" happenings ranging from rolling off the mandrel (had it turning the wrong way) to running off the end of the mandrel (did not check the mast position adequately).

New Fantasy Machine is here

After many years of using the Polymetric OMF for cutting concave facets I have taken the big step to upgrade to the ULTRA TEC Faceting Fantasy machine.

Until recently I thought the only option would be to swap my Fac-Ette GemMaster faceting machine for another brand, like Ultra Tec which was compatible with the fantasy machine. Then I found out that the folks at Ultra Tec have devised an option to adapt the fantasy machine for the Fac-Ette GemMaster.

This is their first Fac-Ette (default) left mast version. I am looking forward to the faceting options that this machine will open -- once I learn and get up to speed on the features it offers.