Bees buzzing

16. July 2012 20:29

While taking photos of the various flowers in the veggie garden, I stopped at the bok choi to snap a couple pictures of its flowers even though those are a sign of a harvest missed rather than future harvest.  Instead of pulling out the plants and sowing seeds for a new crop of something else, I let them grow hoping that the flowers might attract bees. 

Happily that seems to have worked.  After I took the first photo, I saw there was a bee working among the bok choi flowers.  As it turns out, the bok choi flowers are very similar in appearance to those on the weeds down the hill where I saw the bees previously.  I watched this one as it visited a few flowers and took a few more pictures.  Before I left, a second bee appeared.  Hopefully, they will let their sisters know about the garden and I won't have to hand pollinate the squash and pumpkins.

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