Can of worms

27. July 2012 04:40

Well, not exactly a can of worms. More like worms under the (black plastic nursery) cans.

Last week I decided that it was time to move the plants in nursery cans to weed around the fence.  Much to my surprise, when I moved the large cans containing the citrus trees, I found evidence that there were earthworms at work.  In all the years we have lived here, I have only seen a few worms.  They seemed like such a rarity here that the last time it rained enough to flood the front walk area, I stopped and moved the one earthworm I found swimming in the puddle back to the dirt.  The fact that I found maybe half a dozen or so worms under about the same number of pots, gives me hope that the land will come to life more rapidly than I was expecting as we start to planting the future orchard and vineyard.

I had a previous experience with rather "dead" soil years ago when we purchased our home in Saratoga. There was a metal shed and some areas of concrete in the back yard which we removed. I recall that one area was so bad that not even the weeds would grow in that spot for a few years. I was afraid that we might have a similar situation here. Perhaps all that is needed is a little bit of encouragement and some water.


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