First Zucchini for Dinner

9. July 2012 03:29

At least we had our first zucchini make it to the dinner table.  It looks like helping mother nature a bit with the pollination has made a difference.  Most of the female flowers were just rotting away after the flower faded.  A couple almost happened like the one pictured on the right side. Collecting pollen from the male flowers and saving in the fridge for a day or so to use when the female flower opened has gotten us a couple nice zucchinis with perhaps another one or two that will be ready soon.

The peas and green beans are still not cooperating.  We have harvested enough lettuce leaves for a few salads.  Our weather has been pretty cool with the morning fog sticking around a long time.  Perhaps the warmer temperatures promised for the coming week will make a difference.


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