Little Lizard

11. July 2012 20:09

I went out on the bedroom deck to take some photos of the garden looking down from the second floor.  However, before I was out the door I found a more interesting subject.  On the deck wall was a tiny lizard.  He wasn't completely cooperative about getting his picture taken and ducked over the side.  It wasn't the best angle for getting his portrait, but at least he stood still while I took a few more photos.

There are a few lizards -- much larger ones -- hanging out around the garden area.  I am hoping that they will be effective at keeping insect pests under control. 

Years ago when we lived in Saratoga there was a large lizard who lived in the garden.  At one point he almost ended up at the dump since he was hiding in a pile of debris when cleanup time came.  Fortunately my spouse saw him and made sure he was returned home to our backyard garden. I know that particular lizard was doing his part for my veggies.  The only tomato hornworm I ever saw there was hanging out of his mouth.

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