More veggies on the way

16. July 2012 20:20

This past week lots more blooms were appearing in the garden.  Pumpkins and acorn squash started blooming.  Since these are like the zucchini in that they have separate male and female flowers, it remains to be seen how difficult it will be to get them to set fruit.  The vines and bushes are all growing vigorously at this point, with the pumpkin vines starting to take over the garden paths.  The potato patch also has been blooming.  Hopefully that is a sign that it is growing lots of nice tubers below ground.  I would poke around in the soil to find out, but the access is a bit difficult with peas growing on one side and green beans on the other. 

And finally, a couple days ago, both of those started flowering as well.  When I went out to check on things today, I found a couple pea pods forming and likewise some minature green beans.

You can see more of the garden blooming at

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