Not much of a harvest for July 4th

2. July 2012 04:12

When I ordered the seeds for the garden I had dreams of fresh corn, green beans, tomatoes and other veggies being ready to eat by Juny 4th.  However, the weather and other circumstances did not cooperate, so they were planted at least a  month too late to make this coming week's holiday feast. 

The zucchini is not over producing like most zucchini plants tend to do.  It does not seem to have many male flowers needed for pollination and those few it does have tend to open when there are no female flowers open.  Bees seem to be scarce as well, so I am trying to collect pollen for use a day or so later as well as experimenting with use of pollen from another type of squash.

Meawnwhile, the baby bok choi are starting to flower before I realized they could be harvested.  I had never grown bok choi before and did not realize that the outer leaves which flared out giving the plants a flat appearance were actually hiding the pale stem structure I had knew from the grocery store produce shelves.

I can't tell what the potatoes are doing underground, but they are certainly pushing out a lot of green leaves above ground.  Likewise the green beans and peas are taking their time getting to the flowering stage. The lettuce, spinach and carrots did not germinate well.  It is time to plant additional seeds to create later crops.  The garden is not growing quite the way it was designed on paper. However, for a starter garden it looks like it is going well. I am happy to see that at least some of the plants appear to be doing what the catalog pictured -- just off to a bit of a late start.

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