To Be or not Two Bees

11. July 2012 20:22

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was pollinating the zucchini because of lack of pollenizers and pollinators.  The zucchini seems to be opening only one flower a day, so there is a lack of pollen for the the female flowers.  And even if there were loads of open flowers, the pollen would not get from one flower to the other unless there were bees visiting the flowers. 

The lack of bees is a bigger  problem than the lack of zucchini flowers since that effects othat plants as well as the zucchini.  Thus, I tend to notice any bees that are around now. 

One place I have seen bees is at the bottom of the hill, in some small yellow (weed) flowers.  I walked in that area with the camera and decided to take a picture of the only bee I found working a strip which was perhaps fifteen feet wide and eighty feet long.  Besides, I should identify the weed and the photo would be useful for that exercise. 

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