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14. June 2020 19:02

At the same time the garden is starting to produce fruit and veggies to harvest, I am still working on tasks that should have been completed by early April.

While I was clearing the neighboring raised bed to make way for another planting of corn, I noticed a couple of carrots that looked like they might be ready. Carrots tend to be very random in germinating for me, so the crop comes in over a long time. And the raised beds with hardware cloth at the base are the only way to go with carrots. Otherwise the soil may be too tough and the gophers will see to it that none are ever ready to go to the kitchen. So it was nice to get a couple of decent looking carrots. Only how, since the bed is made from two 6 x 1 boards, did the one get to be 15 inches?

Among the should-have-been-done-months-ago tasks to clear the bed is moving a clump of tarragon. Two years ago I started moving it and took most to another bed as a "temporary" home for it. Thus I now have two big tarragon patches. I took the shears to initial planting so I could find the base of the plant, I will have to see about drying it and perhaps doing some herb crafts in the fall.




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