Lemonade and Orange Juice

7. March 2022 03:35

Despite the "pruning" by our neighborhood deer last summer, most of the citrus trees that have been growing alongside our driveway are being productive this year. It seems strange to have fruit ripening at this time of year when very little else is actively growing. At the same time as the ripe fruit, the trees are putting out blossoms for the next batch.


This morning the orange juice I had for breakfast came from a Valencia orange tree that appears to have much more ripening than what I picked. I guessed (correctly) that number would be about right to fill the pitcher, and so I am set for the next week. The Morro blood orange was last week. It seems odd to have pink "orange" juice. It was not nearly as sweet as the Valencias.


The Meyer lemons are always juicy and the juice is in the freezer to make lots of lemonade for the warmer weather. Likewise, the juice from the Bearss limes went to the freezer. The mandarins were a seedless variety and went well with the orange chicken for dinner. No clue what to do with the Buddha's hand citron or the Kieffer limes. At present they are just fun to see.

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